Starting 12th scale with L4 based cars

Article and photos by Trevor Coult
Additional photos by Paul Lomas

Quite a few new people have been starting 12th scale at our club recently. Most have bought new or second hand Associated RC12L4s, or other cars with a T-bar and Associated front end. Most of these people have asked me various questions about the build and/or running of their cars. I’m not sure why they have chosen me to ask their questions to, I’ve only been back racing myself for a year after a two decade layoff, but I’m always happy to answer them if I can or direct them to a person who can. Maybe I appear to be less intimidating than approaching the many team drivers at the club even though they would be just as happy to help.

As a result of this I wondered if there was any resource on the internet that gave people answers to the questions they were asking and couldn’t find one, or at least none that gave all the information in a single place. So I thought I would try to create a resource myself containing the answers to some of the questions I’ve been asked, and some of the things I’ve learnt in my first year back racing a 12th scale. As I’m no expert not everything is likely to be absolutely correct or the best way of doing something but I’m sure it will be tuned and improved over time. I’ve used a second hand L4 that I had lying around for a lot of the photos as this would probably be the same as a lot of beginners. The rest are of the L4 I currently use.

Thanks to all the people that have helped me with setup and parts in my first year, in no particular order, Kevin Creaser, Mick Ramsbottom, Andy Griffiths, Glyn Ward, Mark Jewitt, Mick Farrell, Peter Winton, Alan Curry, Fred Hatfield, Keith Robertson, Paul Lomas and anyone I may have forgotten.

I’ve split this into sections so a beginner can look at it a bit at a time, or just go to the section relevent to the question they have.

Here it is…

Chassis Preparation

Associated Dynamic Strut Front End Building

T-Bar Building and Mounting

The Rear Pod

Differential Building

Shock Building

Servo Mounting

Wheel Mounting

Cell Building

Electrics and Wiring

Bodyshell Mounting

Overall Car Setup