Installing The Electrics

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People have quite different ideas about the electrics, but there are a few simple rules that need to be followed.

The wiring should be routed so that it does not impede the movement of the rear pod in any way. Replacing the standard wire supplied with the speed controller with 16awg wire helps as this is thinner and hence more flexible. You should also make sure that the wiring cannot catch on or be trapped by the body shell.

I personally like using the direct route for the wires as can be seen in the picture below, but this can make it a little more difficult fitting the cells into the car. Other people route the wires down the centre of the car over the top of the T bar.

The components also need to be positioned so that the chassis plate is balanced evenly from side to side. This can be quite difficult because the speed controller is easily the heaviest component on the chassis plate. My own receiver is a KO 2.4Ghz one weighing only 7.5g, so this can’t easily offset the weight of the speed controller. This is why I have placed it as far out as possible, and also on its side as this is the only way it will fit underneath the body shell when placed this far out. I have also put the switch on this side to move a little more weight over.

This is also the reason why the transponder is also not centred but has been moved over to the right hand side of the chassis as can be seen below.

I have positioned the speed controller as far into the centre of the car as possible. If you do that you have to be careful not to cover the tweak screw on the T bar though.

I’ve also fitted the speed controller capacitor as close to the centre as possible.

Getting the motor wires underneath the damper plate can be quite tight but this is better than putting them over the top as modern body shells are extremely low and the wires can be trapped between the shell and the plate.


The aerial on the receiver I use has quite a stiff wire. I decided that it would be better to heatshrink the wire to the roll mast. This also protects the wire well.


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