CARS Race Entry and Procedures (after covid-19 “tier 2”)

Do not enter the meeting if you are feeling unwell.

Do not enter or attend the meeting if you are in a lockdown area or tier 3 area.

Do not turn up without booking in advance.

Hall Layout

Race entry is at the bottom of the page.

1) On arrival at the venue please queue in an orderly manner maintaining a 2m gap.

2) Do not enter the hall until instructed. This will be one at a time.

3) On entering you will have a temperature check and then asked to sanitise your hands before proceeding into the main hall.

4) Pit spaces will be pre-allocated and plan posted on the web and Facebook.

5) All drivers are required to provide gloves, hi viz vest, mask and sanitiser.

6) Masks must be worn at ALL times except when eating/drinking. No other types of face covering are permitted.

Race procedure

1) When instructed you will assemble at the entry side of the rostrum at approx. 2m spacings as indicated by the blue disks. Where you stand dictates where you will be on the rostrum.

2) Once the previous heat has exited the rostrum you can enter the rostrum and stand on one of the blue disks.

3) Do not under any circumstances leave the rostrum until race over is declared or instructed by the race director.

4) When leaving the rostrum do not jump off the rostrum. Exit to the right-hand side via the steps.

5) Collect your car maintaining a safe distance from other competitors and return to your pit table.

6) We will depending on heats use alternate heat marshalling.

7) When requested please proceed to your marshal point again this will be indicated by a blue disk you must wear your own hi viz, gloves and mask.

It is compulsory to read the risk assessment and BRCA getting back on track documents before racing at the club. Links to these are below.

Risk Assessment

BRCA Getting Back On Track Indoors

BRCA Getting Back On Track Q and A

By booking in for a meeting I confirm that I have read all of the above and will comply with the requirements of the club / BRCA and any changes that may be required during the running of the meeting.