CARS Summer Shoot Out 2020

CARS Covid – 19 regulations

By booking in for a meeting I confirm that I have read all of the above and will comply with the requirements of the club / BRCA and any changes that may be required during the running of the meeting.

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May, June and July Meetings Cancelled.

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Come and race at one of the best indoor venues in the country with over 35 years experience of running pan car national meetings. Chesterfield Auto Racing Society are running a grand prix meeting for the following classes:

  • 12th Scale 13.5 blinky
  • 12th Scale 17.5 blinky
  • GT12

There are 42 places available in total so split between classes (possibly more if family members attend).

The meeting is on the following dates:

Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th September, this is a 2 day grand prix style meeting.

Venue :- Sharley Park Leisure Centre, Market Street, Clay Cross, Derbyshire S45 9LX, easily accessible from junctions 28 and 29 of the M1. We will be setting up and running a club night the night before the first 3 rounds so you can come and race then too! We have very good lighting, new Prima GT carpet and an extremely flat floor making it one of the very best tracks to race on in the UK. This is also the perfect opportunity to test and practice for next season’s 12th scale and GT12 nationals. There is always a friendly and helpful atmosphere and all abilities are welcome. We hope to see you there.

A few details about the meeting.

Entry and Payment

Entry is via this web site only. Verbal, email etc. entries will not be accepted. Entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Reserve lists will be kept if necessary. Entry Fee £15.00 per per day, £30 in total. Only entries for both days are accepted. Entry allowed for a single class only.

Payment is in advance only. Payment requests will be sent to all entrants. Do not attend if you have not paid or made other arrangements with the event organisers.


On Sundays doors will open at 8:00am. First heat on the line 9:00-9:30am. Meetings will be a minimum of 4 rounds and a single leg final, depending on the number of entries.

The meeting will have 2 rounds of practice followed by 2 rounds of qualifying on Saturday afternoon/evening, followed by 4 rounds of qualifying and a single leg final on the Sunday. Saturday opening times will be given closer to the event but are likely to start around 12:00 on the Saturday and run into the evening.

Mains power will be available for charging. We will try to supply as many tables and chairs as possible but they may be limited, so if you have a table and chair please bring them.

Both qualifying and final results count for points, up to 100 points for qualifying and 100 points for final position.

An AMB/MyLaps RC3 compatible personal transponder is required, there are no handout transponders.

Class Rules

12th Scale – We run to the general BRCA 12th scale rules but any 12th scale bodyshell is allowed. Motors have to be from the appropriate BRCA list for the class, cells must be from the BRCA list.

GT12 – We run to BRCA GT12 national rules (1S 13.5 blinky only) with the exception that any commercially available GT12 style shell can be used. Motors and cells must be from the current BRCA lists. There may be spot checks for weight, LiPo voltage etc. (Note: any GT12 foam tyres are permitted.)

Additives must be from the BRCA 12th Section approved additives list. SXT3.0 is preferred.

The rules are self policed, there will be no scrutineering. There may be spot checks for weight, LiPo voltage etc. If someone is running something illegal, tell them.


You must marshal, or supply another competent person to marshal the heat after your own. Marshals should stand in their numbered positions unless otherwise told by race control.

LiPo Charging Rules

It is essential that LiPo batteries are charged using a 1S/2S LiPo compatible charger set to the correct charging mode. LiPo batteries are not to be charged at greater than 20A or the maximum manufacturers recommended charge rate, whichever is lower. 1C is advised.

It is strictly not allowed to charge 1S LiPo batteries to give an output voltage exceeding 4.20V, and 2S LiPo batteries to give an output voltage exceeding 8.40V.

A LiPo sack must be used when charging and this must be fully closed.

All charging equipment must be in plain view at all times to enable the above to be checked.

Non compliance with any the above will result in immediate expulsion from the meeting.