New Parts

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This is the section where existing Cyclone 12 owners (or anyone else for that matter) can find out what has changed from the car they own. If you buy these as spares it is possible to upgrade an existing Cyclone 12 to 12x spec, but then you'll be missing out on that new car feel and the gorgeous black box!

The first new part is the carbon rear axle and plastic nut.

To go with this is a left side clamping rear hub. This takes M2.6 screws as does the current right side hub.

Also, to space the wheels out there are a set of 0.5mm thick shims.

 These go together with the existing parts to create the new diff.

 Also new is the ATC front T-bar mount as seen below.

 At the front of the car, there are new lower arms and steering blocks. The arms themselves allow the use of much smaller front tyres than before, and also have an adjustable pivot ball clamp.

The circular moulded parts are 1mm and 2mm spacers to adjust the ride height at the front of the car. The steering blocks have a 4mm trail, and go with the new axles that are shown below.

Several existing parts now come as standard with a gold coloured titanium nitride coating. These are the kingpins, upper arm hingepins and shock shaft.

The car now comes as standard with a front suspension brace. This is not the same as the previous carbon one, but is an FRP one that is also slightly wider, giving a better fit.

Last but definitely not least, there is a full set of rear ride height adjusters supplied. These have an adjustment interval of 0.25mm instead of the more usual 0.5mm enabling finer adjustment of rear ride height. These will also fit most cars so are certain to be very popular!


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