Opening The Box

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The Hot Bodies 12x comes in a very stylish black box, which is also sturdy enough to use for carrying parts or other equipment around after the car has been built.

 If bought in Europe, there should be a label on the side showing the car serial number. This can be used to register for support on the Mirage web site in the UK.

The box should also have a seal preventing it from being opened. If this is intact you can be sure all the parts will be there.

On opening the box you will find that it is absolutely packed with plastic bags full of parts, so much so that they only just fit in the box!

On removing the bags, you will find that there is a manual (rewritten specifically for the 12x) and safety sheet, sticker sheet, a bag containing the chassis and other carbon parts, small bags containing the rear axle, servo saver, turnbuckles etc. and another large bag containing the rest of the parts.

On opening the large bag, you will find even more bags! There are bags labelled A, B, C, D and E, which refer to sections in the manual. There is a bag containing all the bearings, two more large bags containing moulded parts, and the roll mast.

The contents of the two bags containing moulded parts are shown in the pictures below.

 As you can see there are quite a few parts supplied! Except for the original front and rear axles and some improved parts, all the parts from the Cyclone 12 are supplied so you can almost build the original car!

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