Building the Hot Bodies 12x

When I first bought a Hot Bodies Cyclone 12 I always had the intention of writing an article on building and running it. The car arrived only two days before a national though, so it was built in rather a hurry and the moment was lost.

With the Hot Bodies 12x appearing on the scene though I now have another chance to do this, and at the same time show the differences between the cars.

I’m going to be writing and publishing sections of this article over the next few weeks, so if you don’t see what you want to know here now, come back in a while and chances are I’ll have written it! If not, just send an email over and I’ll see if it can be added to the article.

Many thanks to Mirage for supplying the car, and all the members of their 12th scale race team without whose help this article would never have been written.

The sections are below. More will be appearing over the next few weeks.

Opening The Box

New Parts

Preparing The Carbon

Building The Front Suspension

The T Bar

Rear Pod Assembly

Rear Brace and Damper Plates

Ride Height Adjusters and Bearings

Differential Building

Building The Shock

Steering Assembly

Body Posts and Bumpers

Battery Holders

Installing The Electrics

Words and pictures by Trevor Coult