LiPo Charging Rules

May 23rd, 2016 by Trevor Coult

Given the events at the Shoot Out on Sunday we have decided to formalise our club LiPo charging rules. These rules will be strictly enforced at both club meetings and Shoot Outs and are as follows.

It is essential that LiPo batteries are charged using a 1S/2S LiPo compatible charger set to the correct charging mode. LiPo batteries are not to be charged at greater than 20A or the maximum manufacturers recommended charge rate, whichever is lower. 1C is advised.
It is strictly not allowed to charge 1S LiPo batteries to give an output voltage exceeding 4.2V, and 2S LiPo batteries to give an output voltage exceeding 8.4V. 
A LiPo sack must be used when charging and this must be fully closed.
All charging equipment must be in plain view at all times to enable the above to be checked.
Non compliance with any the above will result in expulsion from the meeting.


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