National Nattering – 12th Chesterfield 08-09

September 23rd, 2008 by Trevor Coult

I didn't really think there was much point in doing a conventional report on the nationals this season as Keith (Robertson) does a pretty good job for RRCI. There's always a few things to talk about that might not make it to a magazine report though, so I though that'd be better.

On to the first 12th national of the season at my home club, CARS.

A few bits and pieces related to this now.

The tech charts for the Chesterfield national are here.

The stock A final video is here.

The sports modifed A final video is here.

The open modified A final video is here.

Pictures are here.

The caption competition is here.

This was the first national where 10.5 brushless motors were to be allowed in both stock and sports modified. Glyn Ward turned up on behalf of SMD with a load of LRP 10.5s, all with names on. The Nosram and Novak runners all seemed to be pretty much sorted beforehand, but the change of LRP distributor will have held things up there a touch.

It was interesting to see Robin Schumacher walking around asking questions on the Saturday. Rumours of a Schumacher 12th on the way again after all these years? Well, the answer isn't a definite no at least. Lets see what happens. And if it does, you 've probably already seen the car, or at least a prototype of it.

Everyone seemed pretty much raring to go, even a little over enthusiastic at times. When the stock class heats started (on the well designed by Roger, but very quick track) it was pretty obvious that the 10.5s are a bit quicker than the 19 turn motors. I had a walk through the pits counting 19 turn motors and managed to find 16 of them. Not sure where the best of those came in the final order, but it wasn't anywhere near the A final.

One thing people have noticed is that the 10.5s seems to be making the class a bit more equal, with trains of cars appearing in a heat all running at a very similar speed. Nothing like the differences in 19 turn motors with specialised tuning. There seems to be two schools of thought with the 10.5s, leave them alone and run them at around 58mm, or advance them a bit (watch that warranty!) and run at 53-54mm. There seems to be very little difference between the two to be honest, at least if you aren't a potential A finalist so I left mine alone and was still one of the quickest cars in my heat in a straight line, so I can't complain.

Cars, well there's a lot of Hot Bodies Cyclone 12s around now and they're going well too. Corallys probably next up numerically, with quite a few BMI DB12Rs nowadays. The Associated RC12R5 was making its national debut but seemingly not going as well as expected with just Keith making A finals with it. Some, notably Paul Ash, swapped to the T bar version of the car later on. There were a couple of examples of the new Serpent. It looks pretty good, even if it is a bit expensive. I'm sure we'll see a few more of them as the season goes on.

A few results from stock on the Saturday now. Winners of the finals are below.

H final – Helen Brown
G final – Andy McFall
F final – Leigh Burton
E final – Clive Coomes
D final – Paul Jenkinson
C final – Mark Jordan
B final – Roger Manwaring

TQ went to Andy Griffiths, with the 10.5s looking like they suit his driving style quite well. A final results were as follows.

1 Andy Griffiths
2 Mick Farrell
3 Mark Stiles
4 Matt White
5 Keith Robertson
6 Jim Spencer
7 Pete Childs-Dixon
8 Chris Kerswell
9 Elliott Harper
10 Russ Williams

A Hot Bodies 1, 2, 3 there, with a mixture in the rest of the field.

On to Sunday now. In open modified it seemed like most of the field were running 5.5s, with the odd 4.5 thrown in. Didn't notice a single brushed entry in the class. As far as sports modified was concerned, it was almost universally leave the 10.5 in from Saturday, with Alex Curry's 12 turn being the only brushed motor in the A final. 10.5s and 12 turn brushed seem to be reasonably evenly matched, making sports modified another pretty competitive class.

Everyone expected Jim Spencer to walk sports modified, but he didn't have it all his own way, only sealing TQ on the last round from Paul Jenkinson, with James Stewart close behind. A nice little pile up at the start of the A final gave Jim more or less a half lap lead though and he's never going to give away something like that, so the winner was more or less decided there and then.

As far as open modified is concerned it was a state of carry on from last year, so not really anything much to talk about besides results. Elliott Harper is starting to look pretty impressive with a 12th though, with a second place in only his second ever 12th national weekend. Definitely one to watch. Griff TQed it with a very nice round 2 run.

Oh, and Pete Childs-Dixon broke his car in half. There's a photo in the gallery.

Results are below.

Sports Modified

D final – Peter Kay
C final – Rob Warren
B final – Lee Carr

A Final

1 Jim Spencer
2 Gerald Page
3 Clive Coomes
4 James Stewart
5 Fred Hatfield
6 Paul Jenkinson
7 Alex Curry
8 Jonty Walkenden
9 Glenn Atterton
10 Oli Meggitt

For open modified, the results are below.

D final – Peter Craig
C final – Kevin Creaser
B final – Paul Ash

A Final

1 Andy Griffiths 
2 Elliott Harper
3 Mark Stiles
4 Russ Williams
5 Keith Robertson
6 Andy Sawyer
7 Mark Jewitt
8 Ben Cosgrove
9 Chris Kerswell
10 Mick Farrell

Strangely enough, another Hot Bodies 1, 2, 3, with Elliott replacing Mick in second. Pretty much all Hot Bodies and Corally, with Keith's R5. Griff's had a pretty good start to the season, winning and TQing both days, but he's definitely not had it all his own way. Looks like it could be a pretty interesting season.

Full results will be at

Roll on Crewe!


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